The Best Vaginal Whitening Cream

Vaginal Whitening Cream

The best vaginal whitening products can help whiten your labia or vagina to make it look more radiant and have no known side effects associated with them. Because it is difficult to find the best vagina whitening cream  out there that’s free from harmful substances, you need to be carefully read the ingredients on the  label before making a financial commitment. The product of your choice should be powerful enough to give noticeable results, but sensitive enough on the skin to avoid causing irritation. If you notice any irritation, you need discontinue its use immediately.

Vaginal bleaching is becoming an increasingly popular, and unique, form of skin care. Of course, this is a very private issue and having your vagina bleached is something to give great Vaginal Whitening Creamconsideration to before starting. There really isn’t anything wrong with wanting to change your vagina’s skin tone.

What are the best creams out there?

Although creams and other treatments offered at beauty spas are options for females considering vaginal whitening, there are other products that allow you to lighten your vaginal area in the comfort of your own home. While bleaching is a frequently used term, when it comes to such intimate areas as the vagina and labia not all products should be promoted for lightening purposes. When looking for a vagina lightening cream, avoid products that contain hydroquinone, as the possible side effects are not worth it. Topical creams, gels or serums can offer noticeable and great results for most women.

Having skin that is the same color throughout your body can make you feel really good. However, it is very important that you only use a technique that is safe and not something that can harm you or simply do nothing. After all, you do not want to spend your hard-earned money on a cream that will not be effective or not give you the desired result. Always remember that the area surrounding your vagina and labia minora is very sensitive, and it needs the best of products that will not be too hard on your skin.

In my conclusion, vaginal bleaching is a very personal decision. It isn’t something that you should be pressured into by your significant other. If you are not pleased with the appearance of your vagina, go for it. But if you are Ok with it, leave it.

Epibright is as effective for skin whitening as any product we have reviewed.  Everyone is a little different but our test showed skin lightening starting to happen in as little as two weeks and up to 4 weeks on some people.  We didn’t have any feelings of discomfort when using Epibright unlike some products that can have a burning feeling for a short period of time.  It doesn’t feel greasy at all when applying it and feels like it is absorbing straight away, which is what you want.

The fragrance is very mild, in fact it is one of the least aromatic skin bleaching creams we have tried.  Considering what it is made for, that is not a bad thing at all.  The scent that you can detect is really pleasant.

Epibright seems to have hit the perfect balance of strong active ingredients to help speed up the lightening process and yet it is mild enough where it doesn’t cause irritation.

Epibright was engineered without harsh chemicals or perfumes which reduces the risk of irritation to sensitive skin areas. We have combined the powerful active ingredient kojic dipalmitate with additional organic brightening ingredients such as mulberry and bearberry, to create a well rounded brightening cream which will reduce dark areas and spots on intimate skin.

Why Choose Epibright?

  • Designed for intimate areas
  • Natural, safe and effective
  • No perfumes or parabens
  • No hydroquinone
  • 60-Day Guarantee

Epibright intimate skin whitening cream is perfect for anyone wanting to change the color of the dark areas around their intimate areas.

What Are The Best Foods For You To Eat With A Lot Of Potassium?

Foods With A Lot Of Potassium

Potassium is a very important nutrient that assures a lot of vital functions for our body to flourish. Many foods contain potassium, but some more than others. In this article, we will present a couple of them and the benefits of consuming them for a good health.

Bananas : 

Bananas are a food which has a lot of potassium. In only one banana, we have 422 mg of potassium. Bananas are very good for your health and your concentration because of the potassium. What Are The Best Foods For You To Eat With A Lot Of Potassium

White potato : 

When the potato is baked, we have 941 mg of potassium in just one. The white potato contains almost half of the recommended daily intake of potassium. Also, you can eat a lot of different meals with potatoes like a potato salad.

Watermelon : 

With 641 mg of potassium in one watermelon, you have a lot of good reasons to start eating one. Also, the watermelon is a very good way to reduce the risk of cancers.

Prunes : 

This dried fruit is one of the best way to fill up your potassium for the day. One of the best food for that is the prunes. For having your daily dose of potassium, you should eat six prunes in a day.

Grapes : 

When the fruits have a skin, they are a lot of potassium in it. Because the potassium is very much in the skin, grapes are a very good way to consume potassium.

Grated Carrots : 

If you want to avoid cramps at night, you should consume Grated Carrots because of its potassium. The carrots should be raw because when they are cooked the food loses its potassium content. Here, you could easily take a plate of raw carrots before a meal every day.

Green Beans : 

If you choose to eat this food, you must cook them before if you want to keep all of the 209 mg of potassium in it.

Tomato Sauce : 

For each cup of tomato sauce, you will have 728 mg of potassium. You can eat tomato sauce with a lot of meals like a macaroni with tomato sauce or even a pizza with tomato sauce and vegetables.

All foods presented in this article are great source of potassium for you. However, you must be careful to not consume too many if you don’t want to develop problems like hyperkalaemia. This problem is when your body has too much potassium and your kidneys do not eliminate potassium enough. This problem is very rare but you must be careful. The key is always to keep a good balanced diet and think what food you decide to eat.


Foods With A Lot Of Potassium